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    ESX 4 to ESXi 4.1 upgrade planning

    taylorb Expert

      Looking at the documentation, it appears a direct upgrade from ESX 4 to ESXi 4.1 is not supported.   So I was hoping to run my manual  upgrade plan by the forum and see if it makes sense.  I've got two ESX 4.0 hosts in a DRS cluster with plently of RAM.  Vcenter is already at 4.1 and the rest of my ESX farm is on ESXi 4.1.


      Here's the plan:

      1. Migrate all VMs to Host B
      2. Remove Host A from DRS cluster
      3. Shutdown Host A
      4. unplug SAN and iSCSI ports to prevent accidental overwrites
      5. Wipe partitions on server and perform any hardware fw updates or adjustments
      6. fresh install ESXi 4.1
      7. Add back in appropriate networking and reconnect storage
      8. add back to DRS cluster
      9. Test extensively
      10. Migrate all VMs to other host and repeat. 


      Sound OK, or would you suggest something different?  The rest of my farm is on ESXi 4.1, so I don't want to upgrade to ESX 4.1 even though that would be easier.



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