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    For client pc

    embo Lurker

      Another small beginner question.


      I have now installed ESXi 4 and vSphere client and have sucessfully installed my first virtual machine, a Window 7 pc.

      Now this will be great to have for me to test new gpo, printer drivers, appl etc.


      But it is only for me, only accessible via vSphere client console or remote destop.


      Now if I would like to virtualize some of the users computers (xp and win7) what tool should one use then?

      Thinapp is for virtualize the applications, you keep your own deskop and run the applications on the virtual host server?

      Workstations is for heavier stuff? several computers in a test enviroment?

      View is for cloud computing?


      If I just want to move a low performance user to a virtual environment for easy updating, service etc. I should use?