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    Licens question

    embo Lurker
      I am a complete newbie to the vmware and virtualization world so bear with me.
      I have just started looking at vmware and is trying to learn more of it in my spare time at work.
      yeah you all know how much one has of that :/ but I'm gonna give it a try.
      I have registred an account and received a VMware ESXi License.
      I have downloaded and installed ESXi4.1 installable iso and installed it on a computer.
      And I have connected to it thru the browser and installed vSphere Client.
      I have done it with the help of some nice demos 'ESXi Architecture Installation and Configuration', 'VMware vSphere Client' and 'Create and manage virtual machines'. As you can see I'm still on a very basic level.
      But everytime I start vSphere Client I get a message about the licens.
      "Your evaluation license will expire within 55 days.
      When the evaluation license expires, the ESXi host might stop managing all virtual machines in its inventory....."
      and a link to 'Assign a license to the ESXi host',
      But after I have login I am at the VMware vSphere Product Evaluatin Center page
      and it might be me but I can't find any place to enter the licens I have received.
      all help is appretiated
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          idle-jam Champion

          Welcome to the community,


          here is the link to change license: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1010839

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            embo Lurker

            Thank you for your quick reply.


            Watched the movie and was a little worried that I needed vCenter server etc.

            But then I read further down on the page and found

            Licensing ESX/ESXi


            To license a standalone ESX or ESXi 4.x (vSphere Hypervisor):
            1. Log in to the ESX/ESXi host using vSphere Client.
            2. Click the Configuration Tab.
            3. Click LicensedFeatures under Software.
            4. Click Edit under Licensed Features.
            5. Select Assign a new license key to this host.
            6. Press Enter and enter the License Key.
            7. Click OK.