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    esx4 install to raid1 with raid-card,  but I look 2drives on console. Why?

    catjumper68 Novice

      Hello everyone. Nice to meet to you.


      I have a strange things about hard-raid drives. Could you please advise to me?


      I set a sas-sata raid card with LSI 1068E controler, to Xeon Nehalem machine.

      Put it 2 SATA Hard drives.


      I create a RAID 1 mirroring , and installed ESX4.1.0,   installed some guest VM  successfuly.


      Then logon to ESX by vSpher Client. Configuration tab says 1 drives, I think its raid1 drive.

      Storage adapter is vmhba0 only,  path is vmhba0:C1:T0:L0.

      So I blieve that my esx is running on raid1 drive correctry.


      BUT..  on esx console, (put ALT+F1 screen),  I can see 2 drives by fdisk -l /dev/sda and fdisk -l /dev/sdb command.

      The partition is not same sda and sdb.


      I create raid1, so the drive sda1 and sdb1 is same partion, I think. but why not?, why I can see 2 drives.


      Is this true? or something misstake?