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    Copy data from ESX Host.

    SteveO86 Novice

      At about 4 am this morning one of my ESX hosts crashed with the a purple screen and I had to reboot... After looking up the error I saw that it's most likely a hardware issue.. So I called IBM (Since my hardware is from IBM) they had me run DSA on the blade... I managed to do that but I now I need to copy the log off the Blade server running VMWare ESX 4.0.0


      I'm still trying to figure this out, but figured I would post a question (since I might get a quicker response) I have a USB drive in the Chassis but I am not quite sure how to access it.. I assume I must mount it like I did with the CDROM drive but I am not too familiar with linux/unix.. Any help would be appreciated. (I just need to get the .xml.gz off the host so i can email it to IBM if their is a simplier I am not aware of it currently)