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    VMware won't find new LUN from storage

    brgsousa Lurker


      I have here a vmware vsphere solution with some blades running vmware esx and esxi.

      A storage system is connected to these blades through a FC switch. But I am having a big problem adding new LUNs to vmware esx because sometimes they are listed but sometimes they aren't.

      In order to add new LUN, I have to click "Rescan all" and "Refresh" buttons from "configuration > storage" a bunch of times, wait a while, click on them again and so on... until new presented LUN shows up in the list.


      Both "FC Adapter Ports WWN" from blades are correctly added into storage control of each host. All configuration made in the storage appears to be correct. I'm guessing there is something wrong with vmware.


      What could be wrong?




      see attached images for screenshots.