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    Using VHD files with VMWare Server 2.0.x

    PatrickDickey52761 Novice

      Hello everyone,


      I know this has been asked before, but I have a couple of additional things that I need to clarify.  I had a physical installation of Windows 7 on my laptop, which I converted to a vhd file using Disk2vhd.  Since that time, I've successfully used it with VMWare Player (the latest version), but want to use it with VMWare Server.  When I select it in the Hard Disks for the VM that I'm creating (I don't have the original vmx files anymore), it doesn't work.


      Another issue is that I don't have enough space on my drive to convert the file (at least that I know of).  Currently the file is at 95GB, but it's been allocated out as a 289GB file (that was the original size of the hard drive).  I only have about 98G free on my hard drive.


      So, my questions are, how do I import the vhd file into VMWare Server 2.0.2?  Will there be any issues with the fact that I had it running under VMWare Player (and have the VMWare Tools installed)?  Will I need more space than the 98G that I have available? (I can probably free up some space).  If I move it to a location where I have more space (a NFS or in my case, a Windows Home Server Share) can I do the conversion from my laptop (the computer without enough space currently)?


      I don't have any .vpc files or anything else, just the vhd file.  Will that create any issues?


      Thanks, and have a great day:)

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          PatrickDickey52761 Novice

          I'll add these questions to the mix:


          The partition size of the vhd is approximately 298 GB, however the physical size of the vhd is 98 GB.  If I use the vConverter Standalone (which is what seems to be the recommendation), will it only create a 98 GB vmdk file (or files), or will it create 298 GB of vmdk files? 


          Also, how much space will I need to have freed up for this? (Currently, I have 100 GB free on my laptop, and 500 GB free on my Windows Home Server data shares.)  I can probably free up a little space by getting rid of some other vm's and unmounting my music--but I only anticipate about 50 to 60 G freed up.


          Thanks for any help with this, and have a great weekend:)

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            AndreTheGiant Guru
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            Using Converter 4.x you can choose if destination disks are thin or thick.

            It have smaller vmdk you have to use thin.

            The required space of a thin disk depends on the space used in the source VM.



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              PatrickDickey52761 Novice

              I found a tutorial on doing this last night, using a vmc for Windows 98SE to convert it.  It converted alright (taking about 1 hour and 46 minutes), but now whenever I try to add the vmdk file, I get "The server could not complete a request (HTTP 0 ). The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from  fulfilling the request. If this problem persists, please contact your  system administrator." and it takes me back to the login screen.  It did add once (sort of) to the point where it showed the 298.3 GB and allowed me to configure the options below.  However it still crashed when I clicked "Next".


              So, another question is, can I copy the information from the "Win98SEConverted" vmx file over and paste it into the vmx file for the one I'm trying to use?  The Win98SE one wouldn't boot (I didn't try it), based on information from the article that I found.  It was purely intended to get the vmdk file converted over.


              On a side note, I did rename and move the vmdk file from the Win98SEConverted folder to the DCKY-7-PRTBL folder.  The original vhd file was called DCKY-7-PRTBL.vhd, and was converted over to Win98SEConverted.vmdk.  So, I renamed it to DCKY-7-PRTBL.vmdk and moved it to the folder for that virtual machine.  Maybe this is why I'm having errors?


              Have a great day:)

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                AndreTheGiant Guru
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                Check on HCL, I'm not sure if Win98SE is supported on VMware Server.

                Maybe only with IDE controller.



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                  PatrickDickey52761 Novice

                  Well that would be the problem then.  In VMWare Player, the vhd was used as a SCSI drive.  And in converting it (using the Wind98SE virtual pc file) it created an IDE drive.


                  Off hand, do you know where I can get a Vista VPC file or Windows 7 (preferred since that's what I'm running)?  All I need is the configuration files, since I have the Windows 7 hard drive.


                  Thanks again, and have a great weekend:)

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                    continuum Guru
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                    you should not rename vmdk files like that.


                    Anyway - this post is somewhat confuse - all this vmdk problems or conversions can be managed but I have no idea of your current status.


                    Can you post a filelisting of the files in that directory along with the vmx-file so I can check ?

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                      PatrickDickey52761 Novice

                      My current status is this:


                      In my DCKY-7-PRTBL directory (which is the one created for this virtual machine) I have these files:


                      DCKY-7-PRTBL.vmdk (I created an 8GB hard drive to try something else that didn't work)

                      DCKY-07-PRTBL.vmdk (this WAS the Win98SEConverted.vmdk file that I converted from my vhd)





                      In the Win98SEConverted directory (the one created when I converted the vhd file to a vmdk file), I have the following:



                      I've attached the DCKY-7-PRTBL vmx file from the virtual machine that I created last night (the one I want to use), the Win98SEConverted.vmx file for comparison, and the "Windows 7.vmx" file from my VMWare Player virtual machine (which is where I got the vhd from).


                      I still have the original DCKY-7-PRTBL.vhd file in another location.  And I still have the "Windows 7" directory with all of the original files from when I had it running in VMWare Player.


                      I have no problems with removing the entire virtual machine, and recreating it from scratch (if necessary).  Also, if I can convert the vhd (using my VMWare Player information), then I have no problems doing that as well (since it ***should*** create the proper vmdk file(s) that I would need.



                      Thanks for any information, and have a great weekend:)

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                        continuum Guru
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                        DCKY-7-PRTBL.vmx is misconfigured - vmserver2 will not like it.


                        I would now create a directory .../win98se
                        and put this two files into it:





                        then edit   Win98SEConverted.vmx

                        and change guestOS = "other" to "win95"


                        the windows7 is completely different question ?


                        please also post a filelisting

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                          PatrickDickey52761 Novice

                          If I change the Win98SE to "Win 95" will that have create a problem with the vmdk? I ask, because the OS on the vhd/vmdk is Windows 7 32bit Ultimate.  That's why I specified "Other OS" on the DCKY-7-PRTBL (because Windows 7 isn't listed--although Vista is).


                          The file listing for the "Windows 7" directory is this:

                          564dc5c2-efc6-aa90-7213-4026bb12b1e1.vmem.lck (directory)

                          caches (directory)

                          Windows 7.vmx.lck (directory)

                          564dc5c2-efc6-aa90-7213-4026bb12b1e1.vmem (file)





                          Windows 7.nvram

                          Windows 7.vmdk (5.1MB)

                          Windows 7.vmsd

                          Windows 7.vmx

                          Windows 7.vmxf


                          I'm assuming that the "Windows 7.vmdk" is just a pointer to allow VMWare Player to use the vhd file.


                          Ultimately, I want to use the Windows 7 Virtual Machine in VMWare Server (or at least the vhd for it) since I have it configured, and don't want to have to try and free up 300GB of space to restore the image.  I have a backup of the image saved on Windows Home Server, but it would need a 298.3 GB virtual drive (unallocated or allocated) in order to restore it.  Hense why I'm trying to reuse the vhd that I've been using.


                          Thanks for the help, and have a great weekend:)

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                            PatrickDickey52761 Novice

                            One more question for you.


                            On another computer, I have Windows PC (Windows 7 XP Mode, if you will).  I created a Virtual PC file which is called DCKY-7-PRTBL and created a dynamically expanding hard drive with the same name (DCKY-7-PRTBL.vhd).


                            Attached is the configuration file that was created in the DCKY-7-PRTBL.vmc file (the one created by Windows Virtual PC):


                            Could I change the location of the virtual hard drive from the C:\Users\Patrick Dickey\..... to just DCKY-7-PRTBL.vhd, and save this in the same folder as the vhd file that I'm trying to convert, then use the VConverter Standalone to convert it over to a VMWare Server Virtual Machine?  If so, then I'll remove the other virtual machine from my server, and install this one.


                            I had forgotten that I have Windows Virtual PC on the other computer (as it's about 7 years old, and only used as a Media Center PC). I've already updated the vmc file to the same amount of RAM that I was using in my VMWare Player file (984MB).


                            Thanks, and have a great day:)