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    Oracle 9i on Win2003EE - How do I perform a system level backup?

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      Okay -


      I'm going to put this to rest but I'm going to reach out here first to see if there is any stone unturned.


      I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it isn't safe to snapshot an Oracle database.

      I was trying to use Veeam to backup the database using pre-freeze/post-thaw scripts but Veeam and VMware have each told me that without VSS or shutting down the dbms that I cannot do this.  Threads in this forum indicate possible db corruption.


      We have virtualized some pre- Oracle databases (e.g. no VSS) and hosted them in Win2003EE guest VMs.

      It was the right thing to do.  And I admit life is peachy but for the backup/DR strategy.

      The systems are not easily shutdown for maintenance so hot backups are the norm.


      We are:

      performing RMAN backups and rounding that out with nightly exports

      backing up all guest VMs (including Oracle servers) with Veeam

      Excluding the oracle data stores from the Veeam backup


      I was digging the incremental block changes and push-button restore of Veeam.  But Veeam requires a snapshot of the dbms which Oracle doesn't like.


      - so here's my question, more of a head-scratcher.


      How do I perform a system level recovery of an Ora server?


      While I may have exports and RMAN backups I don't have the actual dbms server backed up, at least not entirely.

      Without the oracle data stores there is no target for RMAN to restore.

      In fact, without the datastores I don't think VMware will boot the vm guest.


      Does it look like this?

      1 Restore VM guest to host (missing ora datastores)

      2 Create ora datastores

      3 Boot VM

      4 allocate ora datastores

      5 Restore db using RMAN

      6 Recover ora db


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

      I have alot of experience with Oracle but only 6 months of running hard in VMware.  I hate Windows.




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          Hey Rick,


          I am pondering this same issue with my Oracle DB servers. We are running Red Hat VMs and using RMAN for Oracle backups.I've been considering using the Independent disk mode on separate virtual disks for database files and logs. Flagging virtual disks as independent and persistent would avoid snapshots being applied to those critical data areas. Then in Veeam backup, you can choose which SCSI disks you would like to backup (OS). Finally, if you need to restore, you can restore the OS of the VM first then restore the DB files from the RMAN backups??? Thoughts?