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    Upgrade failure

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      A client has 3 vCenter servers deployed for various vCenter servers (Linked-Mode) and I am trying to perform an upgrade of the first CapacityIQ instance from Version 1.0.1 Build 214574 to the latest Version 1.5.0 Build 327748 using the "ciqupdate-327748.1.5 update.zip" file from the GUI interface.


      I select the file and click upload at which point the usual EULA agreement is shown etc. Following this the upgrade completes and the status is shown as follows. All pre-requisites for the upgrade are met. I have attempted the upgrade process numerous times as per the upgrade instructions, including restart the VM prior to the upgrade on some attempts to see if a "clean" startup would remove any potential upgrade issues.


      Has anyone come across this issue, and if so has a resolution?