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    Cannot synchronize host "host name" Operation timed out.

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      We have 2 customers on vSphere 4.1 on the VC(Virtual Centre) and on the ESX side.


      They both keep on getting the below error:


      “Cannot synchronize host "host name" Operation timed out.”


      Checked time settings on all hosts and the VC and all seems to be in order. Swap file partition is at 10Gb and the ESX service console memory at 800mb, so no problems there.


      Most of the time a simple restart of the management interface on the affected host resolves the issue, but we would not like to resort to this all the time as a admin might not be available to do so.


      Most all ESX hosts are loaded from scratch. They were 1st removed from VC and then formatted and then pulled back in, so certificates should not be an issue.


      This is especially a pain in the one environment with View 4.5 and about 500 desktops.


      Hope someone can help me out of this misery. L