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    Creating gold image template of Oracle 11GR1 (11.2.0.X) 2 node RAC environment

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             We've worked and setup an Oracle    2 node RAC environment with the 2 nodes setup with VMware software.  Since we're using Oracle software the 2 node RAC environment is using the new concept of one $ORACLE_HOME for Grid Infra software (CRS and ASM combined) and then another $ORACLE_HOME for the RDBMS software.  It is up and running with no noticeable issues.


            Now, we've been trying to find a way to create a Vmware gold template/image of the noted 2 node RAC environment such that if we wanted to create another 2 node Vmware RAC environment we could quickly use the aforementioned Vmware gold/template image to quickly provision/deploy a new 2 node RAC environment (dfifferent with new host name, IP addresses for public and private interfaces from the existing 2 node RAC environment from which the aforementioned template would have been created) with all the Grid Infra (CRS/ASM) $ORACLE_HOME and RDBMS $ORACLE_HOME software installed and ready to go.  The concept of the shared ASM storage on the newly provisioned/deployed 2 node RAC environment ready to go and functioning.


           But, we haven't been able to find any documentation/steps to create and deploy such a Vmware gold/template for Oracle 11.2.0.# release?  We found some documentation for Oracle release 10.2.0.# but Oracle release is quite different from Oracle release 10.2.0.# (Note, the new concept of the Grid Infra $ORACLE_HOME for CRS and ASM) and so, if possible, would like some assistance/help in performing this task as is would prove beneficial to our organization.  Thanks for your help.  If more details/information is needed please let us know.  Thanks.