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        Artwright Novice



        What happens if you click on Detect display (Above the Identify button) when you go to set the screen resolution?  Do you see an extra monitor appear?(that you can then specify to connect anyway)


        If you disable VMware SVGA card, do you get a BSOD or does it still boot normally but nothing appears on the 6850?



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          Artwright Novice

          Anyone know if it is worth trying a different GFX card if the 7750 I have doesnt appear to work?  I get a BSOD the moment I plug in the monitor.  Just contemplating whether it is worth buying a second hand 6450 for example to test.  It seems most people here who get this directpath working either have it working with almost any card or it doesnt seem to work at all?  Or am I mistaken?


          I have seen one post with someone saying they got a 7750 working with their setup which would lead me to believe that it probably wouldnt matter what card I got as it probably wouldnt work.


          Thanks for any input.

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            derickso Enthusiast

            Artwright: What motherboard are you using, and what 7750 did you get?  You can see the link to the one that is working fine for me on the prior page.

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              Artwright Novice

              Yup I saw that you had a working configuration.  My motherboard is an Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3, Ivy Bridge 3770 and HIS Radeon 7750 GFX.

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                derickso Enthusiast

                Do you know if anyone else has had success with that motherboard?  I seem to recall some discussion about an Asrock board but can't recall what the result was.


                Also how much RAM did you assign to your VM?  And did you try pinning the memory assignment?  Do you have tools installed?  Make sure you don't disable the VMware video adapter, it caused issues for me.  And are you on the latest catalysts?

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                  Davewolfs Novice

                  How are you folks accessing your guest machines?  Do you display your guest directly off the host hardware or through some other machine?

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                    derickso Enthusiast

                    I have a TV plugged into my 7750 (using it for Windows Media Center functionality), but I also can use remote desktop.

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                      Davewolfs Novice

                      What I am trying to understand is do I have the ability to output directly from my video card on my server?  Or do I have to use VMWare view/Remote Desktop to access everything?  If my video card supports multiple monitors, will I still have this capability?

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                        derickso Enthusiast

                        AFAIK at least one video card (onboard or dedicated) has to go to the VMware console.  If you have additional video card(s), and pass them through to VMs, then they will output whatever is in the VM.  And yes multimonitor should work fine.  You can optionally access them using vSphere client, but I turned off the output from the emulated video card so for remote access I use remote desktop instead.

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                          Davewolfs Novice

                          Cool.  I know that this is an ATI thread, but how difficult is it to get a card to work with passthrough?  I have an Nvidia card.


                          How have you found performance on ESXI compared to native?

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                            derickso Enthusiast

                            I think as of right now Nvidia is a non-starter in ESX, and *extremely* difficult to get running in Xen.  Performance seems great, although to be fair MCE isn't particularly intense, other than on video decoding.  I do plan to do some gaming at some point, but haven't tried yet.

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                              GBowman Novice

                              You can use the single and only graphics card for the guest machine output, I am doing this.  The console is then unusable it displays all the way through the boot up but then vanishes when the guest starts.  My keyboard is also on the shared USB so this starts connected to the host then gets connected to the guest when the guest boots.  Guests using ther own monitor are not usable through the VSphere remote interface as you dont have any display on the VMWare/VSphere monitor so its a blank screen, it passes keystrokes through though although mouse is not reponsive and darts all over.  I am hoping to get multiple graphics cards working so multiple guests will work on one host all with their own monitors.


                              As for performance it great.  My machine has been up for 12 months now running as an HTPC using mediaportal.  The wife and kids have no problems and its much more reliable than my previous HTPC although that could be the much more powerfull hardware.  Widnows experience index scores most things at 6-7 but the ram lets it down scoring just 5.5, however if I boost the ram to 4gb it goes up to 7.  I can and do game on it perfectly.  The only let down is I still cant get DXVA video acceleration to work so H.264's require all CPU decoding and neither blu rays nor DVD's will play.  I cant find a Blu Ray player that will work on a virtualised platform (corel actually brings up an error about virtualisation, Cyberlink just closes itself).  And DVD's wont play in Windows or Mediaportal siting regional issues, with a popular 'region free' peice of software running the performance is bad and unwatchable, they play perfectly in VLC however.

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                                derickso Enthusiast

                                Thanks GBowman, I wasn't aware you were using your sole video card.  My DXVA works properly, but I have the similar Blu-ray problems, Cyberlink's software only seems to look at the primary video card which is the VMware SVGA video card and lacks all the needed support, and the only ways I can think of to get a Blu-ray drive in to the Win7 VM would be to buy a SATA card with it attached and pass it through, or get a USB Blu-ray drive.  Alternatively you could use something like AnyDVD HD which I suspect might solve the video card problem if you can get your drive into the VM.

                                • 268. Re: VMDirectPath and ATI Radeon
                                  GBowman Novice

                                  I have my optical drive on USB as the hub is already passed through it made sense to use it for as many things as possible.  AnyDVDHD can be used to remove HDCP and this makes Cyberlinks Blu Ray Advisor pass the system but Cyberlinks software will not run.  The version that ships with my Blu Ray drive (7 I think) runs but needs an update before it will play back Blu Rays, once this update has been carried out the software auto shuts down whenever it is run.  I have tried all the newer versions aswell and they all refuse to run.  Corel software recognises the virtual platform and pops up an error before shutting itself down.


                                  DVD's is the strangest as they report a region error even though the region is set and correct, with AnyDVD the frame rate is very low which is od considering this machine can play back 1080p files with no issues.

                                  • 269. Re: VMDirectPath and ATI Radeon
                                    derickso Enthusiast

                                    That is surprising behavior, have you tried filing a ticket with Cyberlink?   They should definitely have someone call them on the carpet for not supporting non-primary video cards.


                                    I don't have an external DVD player but I'll ask around and see if anyone has one I could borrow and see if I have any better luck.

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