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    AMD users getting forced into Enterprise Plus?

    taylorb Expert

      We've always run ESX Enterprise and have not upgraded to Plus because mainly we don't need any of the extra features like the Cisco Nexxus, Net I/O, etc.    Now I am needing to add another host to my farm and what do I discover?  AMD newest series only has 8 and 12 core options and to use 8 or 12 cores you need Enterprise plus.   There are still some 6-core options on older server models left at most vendors but as the stock of the old chips runs dry, I suspect only 8 or 12 core will be the only options soon.    So is this really it, then?  AMD = Enterprise Plus?  Can Intel's 4 and 6 core options be available for too much longer, either?  How long will any of us be able to run anything but Enterprise plus on new hardware?


      Kinda frustrated so I am hoping someone has news of a licensing shift based on current specs.