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    If VM version hardware was upgraded before VM tools, no snapshot - any recourse???

    DaChvy95 Novice

      In the midst of migrating ESX 3.5 over to ESX 4.1 and then updating all VMs to new tools 1st, then upgrading VM hardware version.

      I thought this Server 2008 VM had completed the tools and apparently went on to the hardware version upgrade. VM will not boot up, (safe mode, last known config -- nothing) just reboots. I can get into the Bios (F2). this is a DC server.

      Do I have any other options? Talk to VM support and they think I should rebuilt and DCPromo.

      I discovered the VM tools was not installed after speaking with VM support.

      Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I'm new to all this, Datacenter passed on to me after other guy left.