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    Connecting to Update Manager from distant machine

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      I have my vCenter cerver + update manager server installed in the same machine, let's call it vcenter01.example.com.





      I am trying to connect to the VC using Vsphere Client from a distant machine let's call is machine01.distant.com.





      When i connect i get this error message :





      vSphere Client





      There was an error connecting to VMware vCenter Update Manager - .





      The request failed because the server name'vcenter01' could not be resolved. (The remote name could not be resolved: 'vcenter01')





      And the Update manager tab is not displayed.





      When I try to connect from the vcenter01 machine itself, it works.





      When I try to connect from mchine02.example.com (same suffixe as the VC), it works.





      So I think it is a DNS resolution problem, so can I change the variable "vcenter01" to "vcenter.example.com" somewhere in the config options ?
















      Thanks for your help.