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    Problem with view 4.5 using a Wyse p20 - firewall/powerpoint/video Issues

    EXPRESS Hot Shot

      Setting up a wyse p20 to use with view 4.5, I am running it via Pcoip, seems fine. I have a few questions and hoping its something easy to fix or rectify.


      {FYI I am running esxi 4.0 u2 on the host and vsphere 4.1 vcenter, view 4.5, thin client wyse p20, dual monitors}


      I assigned a pool of about 5 VMs I am connected to my VM no problems there. Now the 3 problems I am having are:


      - if i try and ping my vm from any other machine it does not find it - if I take it out of view then its fine it can be pinged. Is there a firewall in View or on the thin client that needs to be disabled and can you tell me where I have not found it.


      - my next issue is using MS PowerPoint 2010, as soon as I start PPT the screen starts flashing black until it loses connection. whats the cause of this? is there a setting I need to look at? Client or View?


      - Lastly Video performance it looks and sounds great as long as the mouse is hoovering over the video? Once I move the mouse away from the video the video and sound is horrible until i place the mouse back over the video. ?? Any ideas?


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thank you,


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