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    DCD Beta Exam Experience

    Pete7 Lurker

      Sure, it was just a beta, but it cost me $200 so I feel entitled to opine


      The bad... there's a bunch :


      - Errors in terminology. For example, "set option A" appears in the GUI, "set option A and tell it to do B on a regular basis" might appear. The "tell it to do option B" is entirely redundant and throws you for a loop. Kinda makes you wonder if you've been missing something for years.


      - At least one question which has a typo and is so grammatically incorrect I couldn't work out what the question actually was. There's a bunch of grammatical issues in general. Put it this way, if I studied for the next week and took the exam again, I still wouldn't know the answer as the original question was so poorly phrased. This isn't a "throw irrelevant info at the candidate to confuse them" phrasing, just poorly phrased all round.


      - No "back" button or ability to mark questions for review. This is a nightmare. The way I do exams is run through once and answer the questions I know immediately and don't have to think about. Anything else gets marked for review. This way I know how many questions which will take some time, figure out how much time is left and allocate the time accordingly. Without a back button and not knowing how many case study type questions there are this makes time management impossible.


      - Speaking of time management, it would be much easier if the exam was split into two parts - multiple choice and case-study type items. If not split into 2 parts, at least let us know how many of each type of question we're going to get.


      - The Visio style questions... still not quite sure what should have been a container and what needed a link created. And screen size... I gave up on one Visio question altogether because I just couldn't fit it all on the screen in a decipherable fashion.


      - Drag and drop questions... the markers don't always correctly snap into place. On one Q I couldn't get it to snap where I thought it should altogether.


      There were a couple of questions which quite surprised me as I'd have thought they were more appropriate for the VCAP-DCA, but that's not a biggy.


      The good... it definitely touches all the bases. If I were looking to hire someone to do design and they had this cert, I'd be confident they could do the job.


      A couple of things I'd really like to know are :


      - Is partial credit given for partially correct answers ? Not the "choose two" type things, but more the drag and drop and VIsios. If I've got 9 items right out of a 10 part question, do I get a 90% score on that Q or a 0 ?


      - Is there more than one right answer to some of the questions ? I'll sit down and do a design one way, and if I give exactly the same criteria to 2 other guys I work with they'll both do things a little differently. All 3 designs are perfectly valid.


      I don't really expect to pass this but I certainly hope I do. Don't really want to have to do it again

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          AndreTheGiant Guru

          Welcome to the community.


          The absence of back button was really a nightmare!

          And also the impossibility to do a final review (or add a final comment).


          I will add that some acronym must be explained (that probably are too specific for US...).

          And (as somebody as already remark) there are also some hardware vendor specific info that are required (not too much, to be onest).


          But the exam sounds good... IMHO I suggest to remove some admin specific questions (there is the practical admin exam for this) and put other desing questions instead.

          This time the Design course is more useful than in old design exam (compared to the old design course), but a lot of other info are still required.