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    Optimise Windows 7 guest OS

    ctcbod Enthusiast

      Hi everyone.


      Can somebody please point me in the right direction for tips on how to best optimise Windows 7(ultimate) for View.


      I've got some official VMware courseware on how to optimise XP i.e. Turn off theme enhancements, disable screen savers, full hardware acceleration, delete hidden update folders, disable indexing services, disable Windows paging, turn off sounds, remove restore points, remove unwanted apps, turn off disk perfmon etc. but was wandering if ther's some official VMware guidelines on how to optimize W7 in a similar fashion (i can't find any).


      I've found http://www.vmguru.nl/wordpress/2010/07/how-to-optimize-guests-for-vmware-view/ on the web, which may be a good starting point, but if anyone knows of any other references, I'd be grateful.