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    ESXI on Virtual Box and vDR

    fadyfawzey Novice

      Good Eveninig;


      I have implmented 2 ESXI servers as a Virtual boxes in VMware workstation ,and as the VMware restrict long mode (64bit) on ineer Virtualization layer (Virtual ESXI) ESXI  i can't deploy the VDR appliance on my virtual esxi .I doing that for learninig and testing purposes.


      So i implemented the vDR Appliance as VM on VMware workstation ,But i can't connect to it by its DNS or IP address of the vDR appliance using the vDR Plug-in ,I Checked that it should be deployed on ESX\ESXI (but i can't deploy any 64bit OS on Virtual ESXI )  I need a solution for that situation please.


      I hate to stuck while i'm doing a lot of information collecting and knowlage building ,So please help me as quickly as possible on that situation.