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    Ramdisk that can do this?

    UlyssesOfEpirus Hot Shot

      Problem: if you run 3 vmware VM's simultaneously the definition of each has to specify 1/3 of the available memory, or whatever sums up to the available memory. But then such a VM run alone will miss 2/3 of the host memory.


      Rather than change the definition of VM's again and again to take advantage of as much memory as possible, I wonder what happens if the following measures are taken:


      Define VM's with 1/3 of available memory, and with their swap spaces located on a ramdisk of the host, as NONPERSISTENT virtual drives.  Then you run a VM alone, and it has a swap file almost as fast as normal memory. But which occupies no space in the host's ramdisk initially because it is empty. 


      After some use the swap file of the VM grows and the corresponding nonpersistent drive deltas appear on the host ramdisk and grow.


      1. Can a windows ramdisk grow in size?


      2. Can a linux ramdisk grow in size? (tmpfs?)


      3. When a ramdisk cannot grow any more because there is no more physical memory, can some of it automatically be allocated in the host swap space?  Which ramdisk can do this?

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