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    P2V Assistant error message after using Ghost 2003

    Ross Walter Novice

      hi all,


      I have successfully P2V'd a few servers so I know the P2V process ok, however I have recently started getting errors during the P2V Assistant which I can't find any info on...


      some background info - I am using Symantec Ghost 2003 to capture each server's partition, and using P2V Assistant v2.1. I am P2Ving old Compaq servers - Proliant 1600s mainly.


      I am currently getting a P2V error message - "Could not determine the system volume's position" - in the P2V Assistant, when it is trying to detect the primary operating system.


      Has anyone else seen this error please, and what does it mean and how can I fix this or work around it?


      Also, regarding Ghost 2003, and it may be a part of the above problem - with previous experience of using Ghost (many versions) it simply takes an image of the used data on a disk or partition. Recently I have been using Ghost 2003 on the servers which are displaying the P2V Assistant error above, on (say) a 2Gb partition with 500Mb data used, using Ghost's high compression setting, I have found that Ghost will show on its progress screen that it is actually imaging all 2Gb of the partition, not just the 500Mb of used space... why would this be happening? and could this be causing the above P2V Assistant error?


      Please let me know if you need more info...