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    NEWBIE seeks help with Setting up networking for VMWare server running ORACLE 10g on LINUX Redhat ...

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      G'Day Guys



      I am fairly new at ORACLE and have set up a VMWare server on my USB disk, so that i can access it from both work and home to 'practise' ORACLE (and LINUX) stuff on...



      At one stage i had everything working beautifully in terms of the networking side, i.e. i could connect to the ORACLE instance on the USB drive via an ORACLE client (PL/SQL Developer) installed on my work laptop.  Basically the network guys had set my laptop up such that it had a fixed IP address on the network.



      also, i had some assistance with setting up the networking on the VMWare server (on the USB disk). anyway, at that stage i made a backup of the VMWare disk.



      After that something went wrong on my work laptop - somehow i messed up something to do with the network settings on my laptop and from then on i could no longer connect from the ORACLE PL/SQL developer on my laptop to the ORACLE database on the VMWare server on the USB.



      I've tried my best to sort through it and get it going again, but after a week of struggling i have to concede defeat, and acknowledge my limitations as far as general networking knowledge and VMware are concerned.



      I am hoping that somebody here will have the inclination to assist me step by step in working through this ball of yarn, as at this point i'm just plain confused about how/what to setup and my confidence levels are at an all time low!



      So if there is a "good samaritan" out there amongst you who is willing to help out this very confused person - and have lots of patience - since i'm going to need to be led via idiot-proof little baby steps ... then i'd be much obliged to hear from you.



      Regarding the ORACLE side - i have started up the database, but i cant get the listener up - there is something amiss there - i'm pretty sure it is probably related to the networking side as well.



      thanks in advance.