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    Ubuntu 10.04-amd64 support?

    issacconan Lurker


      I've been trying to create a build profile for ubuntu-10.04 amd64.  I've followed the instructions at http://communities.vmware.com/blogs/vmwarestudio/2010/10/05/adding-new-os-support-ubuntu-10041-server-i386 and tweaked the profile to build for amd64.



      The  OS installs just find, but I ran into problems in the post-install where it won't install the VAMI packages (makes sense, being that I can only find -i386 packages in /opt/vmware/lib/build/include/)



      I assume there's got to be some 64-bit guest OS support since CentOS and RHEL have pre-shipped 64-bit templates, but I can't figure out how to package 64-bit VAMI packages myself... 



      Can anyone assist?






      (For anyone suffering from this, the actual error that you'll see in the failed build varies, but it's usually "[warn] STUDIO ABORT: Provisioning Agent: failed to run script "vmdiscovery": 127" or " STUDIO ABORT: Provisioning Agent: failed to run script ".post.sh": 134", but if you look closely at the application install log, you'll see "E: Couldn't find package vmware-studio-xxx  STUDIO ABORT: Error: Unable to install package "vmware-studio-xxx" earlier up)



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            chorgeas Hot Shot

            I have two suggestions for you. Please try out at your end.


            1. Please check /opt/vmware/etc/build/templates/redhat/5/4_x86_64/build_profile.xml profile for reference.

            2. Remove i386 packages from OSPackages list.

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              issacconan Lurker

              Already did both of those before the initial post, but thanks.


              Again, the problem isn't the OS install, the problem is just coaxing Studio to generate and post-install 64-bit .deb packages for the vami- packages.


              Also, of interest, I did try to install CentOS 5.4 (well, cheated a bit by using just the 1st disc ISO for 5.5) from the  x86_64 template - and I got i386 flavored vami RPMs in /opt/vmware/www/build/test2.2/repo/vadkPackages/


              root@vmware-studio:/# ls /opt/vmware/www/build/test2.2/repo/vadkPackages/

















              So I'm really clueless here...