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    vCenter desktop client is very slow

    MaxStr Enthusiast

      I'm using the vSphere client version 4.1, and the client itself is very slow. It takes a long time to start up, login, and the performance when navigating through the interface is very bad. For example, clicking between hosts or VM's in the list takes a few seconds each time, and click on different tabs also takes a few seconds. Loading a console can take 10+ seconds for any console.


      I'm running it on Windows 7 x64, on a Xeon dual core with 4 gigs ram. I only have about 30-40 VM's. The vCenter server is a virtual server, running SQL, and it has no performance issues that I can see (we have 3 ESX hosts on Sun blades with 32 gig ram each, and a Sun NAS).


      Is this just how the client works on Windows? Or am I missing something?