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    Unable to access file <unspecified filename> since it is locked

    haverer Enthusiast



      I am running 2 ESX Hosts.  On each host I was running just the 1 virtual machine (both of which connect to disks on the same SAN).  I have now created another Virtual Machine to run on each host (4 virtual machines in total, 2 virtual machines on each host). 


      I have added the virtual disks into my new VM's (by using option 'use an existing virtual disk').  However when I try to power on my new Virtual Machines I am presented with the error:


      "Unable to access file  since it is locked"


      On Host 1, I have powered off the 'old' Virtual Machine incase it was holding onto some files.  I then powered up my new virtual machine and it works! However, I then go to power on the 'old' Virtual Machine and this has the same error!!



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