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    Goodbye VMware HELLO Virtualbox!

    cjt757 Novice

      h3. VMWare Server vs Virtualbox - 1st Impressions


      http://forums.virtualbox.org/styles/prosilver/imageset/icon_post_target.gif[VMWare Server vs Virtualbox - 1st Impressions|http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?p=157173&sid=16023a10ddc99573e471377dab687982#p157173]by cjt » 7. Oct 2010, 13:15


      I have been using VMware for years.  Started

      with Workstation, then bought GSX, then went to VMware Server 1 & 2.

      Not to mention runnning ESX (paid version $$$) and ESXi. However 90% of my work is in the

      VMware Server platform.  As you know VMware Server is DOA--thanks for nothing.  


      Virtualbox simply ROCKS.  If you are using VMware 2.x trash it and come on over!


      Here are some helplful hints that I had to hunt around for.  I used Google, but I am sure there are here on the Forum somewhere.



      with Windows Sever 2008 (host & guest) is almost impossible to run.

      Nothing but problems with regards to the VMware Console in a web

      browser.  IE9 - FORGET IT.  IE8 is buggy as hell.  Firefox 3.6.x DOES

      NOT WORK.  You must role back to 3.5.x.  So avoid the problems and move

      to Virtualbox.


      You can run your VMware Server images NO PROBLEM.  Here are some tips that will save you some time:

      1. You must Enable IO APIC in the System Setting of the Virtualbox VM Console.


      Next for Windows 2008 Host with Windows 2008 Guest--you must MOUNT the

      "Install Guest Addition" ISO image as a CD/DVD.  However with Windows

      2008 Host and XP Guests, XP will see the image if you install from the

      console window. 

      3. You must map the shared folder to use it.  In the guest VM select Map Network Drive and enter


      It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to get the VMware VMs to run.  But the three things above are all you need.

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          fluxbox Novice


          Just a couple of quick question:






          1, Did you try to compare the current latest VMWARE vs Virtualbox in performance? Do some application benchmarking?



          2, Does Virtualboxes web interface crashes all over the place like this crap vmware does?



          3, Can you automate restoration of virtual images from shell script?



          4, Does virtualboxes switched networking adapter really works as a switch instead of a hub what vmware does?



          5, Can you use vmware server 2 images with vbox without conversion?






          I have like 50+ vmware 2 servers and workstations running but I start to have enough of them.



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            cjt757 Novice


            To address your concerns:



            1. I would say it is 2x faster if not more--expecially during boot.  Seems even faster than bare metal!



            2. There is not web interface, it is like Server 1.0 WAS with a destop client that  IS SOLID AS A ROCK!  I simply could not get VMware Server 2.0.2 to work with all the latest Browser updates etc.  The virtual console as indeed that.  I could only RDP to my VMs.  I could see them but not open the VMware Console.  It was driving me crazy! The Virtualbox console is a DREAM and FAST (mouse/screen etc) and STABLE.



            3. I am not good with scripts but there is lots of information at:   http://forums.virtualbox.org/



            4.  Networking is MUCH simplier -- there is one control panel for everything, it is not split between a Web Interface for one thing and a local app (networking) for other things.  This was really poor design on VMware's part. 



            5. YES,  IN TEN SECONDS you can have your VMware image running.  Add the image file to the datastore, select new vm, pick file, make sure you ENABLE IO APIC, then turn on.  It is that easy!  NO FILE CONVERSION, nothing. 



            The only thing that I do not like (and there is work arounds on the forums) is you must leave the application running on your desktop.  And each VM window must be open (it can be minimized).  It seems for Linux hosts it is a lot easier to background run Virtualbox than for Windows.  But I am Windows on Windows.



            None the less, Virtualbox is VMware Server 5.0! 



            Hell go test the thing, it can run side-by-side with VMware.  That is what I did.  Then I moved more and more VMs over as I got comfortable with the application.  Now VMware has been removed! 



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              fluxbox Novice

              Last night I installed vbox for my first time on an XP quad core host.



              Yeah there is some web interface http://code.google.com/p/vboxweb/




              Gonna try it on the weekend. I wouldn't like to run Xorg just to have vbox vms running.










              About the network being really switched in vbox, it is. This by itself is great advantage over vmware.










              Loading up Vmware image really worked smoothly after I enabled IO APIC. But I'm curious that what's the performance difference between using a vmware image and virtualboxes own image.

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                cjt757 Novice

                I have both running, VMware images and a native Virtualbox image.  The VMbox image is a huge Exchange server and seems to be doing just fine.  MORE importantly, and I am NOT KIDDING, my VMware images are running better on Vbox than VMware did.  I have another heavy db server that would always hang or networking services would simply stop working.  I figured it was the image etc.  NOPE.  It was VMware.  The same image under Vbox is ROCK solid and under the last 24 hours of heavy use, is running like a champ.  Man, this is a different world.  No wonder VMware through in the towel on Server.  I never knew how bad it was!  Have a great weekend and enjoy the new toy!

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                  rhsoftware Hot Shot


                  VirtualBox, VMware-Server and VMware-Workstation are all nice things for playing

                  If you ever had running production servers on ESXi/vCenter you know what a real infrastructure is



                  ESXi 4.1, vCenterServer and a shared SAN-Storage with two HA-Hosts isa totally other level as desktop-playgrounds



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                    cjt757 Novice

                    I've been using VMware Server for years in production and it was pretty good until 2.0 came along.  I am not in the position to buy "specific" hardware and that is what makes the level 2 virtualization so nice.  However VirtualBox is much close in performance to barebones that VMWare Server ever was... it is a excellent tool for specific environment.  Don't knock it;)!

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                      rhsoftware Hot Shot


                      I do not knock it, i know VirtualBox, KVM and all VMware-Products well



                      But speaking from production use and "not in the position to buy specific hardware" does not fit

                      With VMware-Server as well as vbox you do not have HA/Failover as long as you do not solve

                      this on the guest level, but if you sokve this on the guest-level for a bundle of machines

                      you make something wrong and do not understand virualization



                      With vSphere and the right Hardware you can make ot-Backups, use VMware-Data-Recovery

                      and what is the much important thing you have Failover outside the guests so it does not

                      matter how many guests you are running, this is the real benefit of consolidation and

                      if you look a little bit tighter it is cheaper over years because you can move all guests to

                      a second host using the same storage while chnage one host against new hardware and

                      move back the guests after the new host is running without any downtime


                      This is what i call "production", all other solutings are a dangerous game, and yes we have played this

                      game too over several years, but i like to play other games



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                        cjt757 Novice

                        Well, that is not totally true for DR/BC, we used DoubleTake to do live bit-level mirrroring and it worked GREAT.  The entire VM directory was replicated in real time, we had a hardware failure once, we just change the switching and ran off the mirrored copy...  No this is not vSphere etc, but still it is amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have the $$$!  Have a gret weekend!

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                          fluxbox Novice

                          OK so my first experience was:


                          1, If you migrate Vmware server guest, uninstall the VMWARE tools before you do it

                          otherwise this crap will say it can't recognize the host vm version and won't let you uninstall.

                          Also it blocks Vbox to install it's own ethernet adapter (doesn't matter which one do you choose from the list).


                          2, Shut the guest OS down properly. If you won't do it then VBox will say boot failed with disk read

                          error at the beginning.


                          3, Vbox VRDP resolution change doesn't work properly. You could normally set the geometry with the rdesktop client

                          like -g 70% but in this case you must set it in the guest OS.


                          4, Vboxes own VDI image format is cross platform. You can load vbox images on your linux what you made in windows.


                          5, Vboxweb, got this from SVN but seems to be broken. Same issue as : http://code.google.com/p/vboxweb/issues/detail?id=19


                          That's all for now, gonna keep testing it.

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                            CosisNQ Lurker


                            Wow - Thank god I saw your post!



                            Finaly I can upgrade my Linux Kernel - without worring about looking around for patches for the Vmware Server.



                            And installing Windows 7 in 20 minutes, and not having the latency/yanking/jumping mouseyou usually have - me glad!



                            Did I mention that I just watched a HD movie with VLC using VirtualBox - try do THAT with VMware!



                            Sorry to be such a bitch - but VMware lost their perspective.



                            /The following is aimed at VMWare's executive top/



                            So you got a good income by selling licenses (gotta keep the investors happy), right? ESX/ESXi is a brilliant product - but you only got this far because of people who belived in you and found your technology interessting - and those people are US!  - We used your free products, got to know them - and THEN recommended them to our CTO/CFO/CEO.



                            The majority of large companies get free licenses to Hyper-V - so why should they waste money on an expensive investment like VMware?



                            Who would tell them about VMWare?



                            Your users will!



                            We experiment, investigate, try, fail, search, fix and study what is out there - but how can we do that when you lock us out?



                            By washing out the free VMWare Server you will suffer greatly!



                            The VMWare Server gives people a chance to see the power of your technology.



                            No CTO/CFO (etc.)  will ever be able to handle a computer, nor use a VMWare product - they only listen to the feedback they get. You choose weather the feedback is negative or positive when dealing with VMWare.There are plenty of people out there saying Hyper-V is great - do you want them to listen to those?



                            Improving VMWare Server, and thus by pleasing the people that uses it, will give you an advantage- we don't use it because we have to - we use it because we LIKE IT!



                            Why did I write this post?



                            Because I just found a better alternative to VMWare Server -  and I'm sorry that I had to make that step.






                            Which company will I recomend to my next employer? Windows, well everybody know's them, and we can get the license fairly cheap. VMWare - well, people say they have some good solutions, but I haven't tried them...






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                              cjt757 Novice

                              I found away around the "lockout" if you do not remove VMware tools prior to migration to Virtualbox!  The biggest issue is the network adapter (default VMware in the client VM) is locked out from Virtualbox.  The paradox is you need to install the IntelPro 1000 from VirtualBox but how can you get the Intel driver into the VM if there is no network.  Simply download the Intel driver .exe and convert to ISO with MagicDisc ISO.  Then mount the ISO as CD in the VM and you now can load the drivers to get the network up!  Where there is a will there is a way....  CT.

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                                cjt757 Novice


                                Virtualbox keeps getting better! 



                                Do you remember how hard it was to resize a virtual partition with VMware?  How about 10 seconds and 5 mouse clicks?



                                I used this to kill two birds with one stone: migrate from a native VMware image VMDK file to the native VirtualBox format AND at the SAME TIME increase the fixed VMware image size from a 20GB VM to a 100GB VM.  This is just too cool:


                                This applies to all VirtualBox Install 2.0 and up



                                Create a new Virtual Machine in VirtualBox. Make sure that you

                                set hit General -> Advanced

                                and duplicate your original machine’s settings here.  Include the

                                SYSTEM IO ACPI!




                                Next, I went to my Original machine and added the new drive as

                                primary slave (Hard Disks -> +




                                Boot the old machine, load FireFox, and [download

                                Acronis Easy Migrate 15 day trial|http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/download/migrateeasy/] (Hint: This is buy-able

                                good just as a backup utility. You can send your backups to an

                                external USB disk, then swap disks if you have a failure. Once a

                                week runs are all most people need.). I did try TrueImage, but it

                                locked consistently.



                                Run Easy Migrate. Next, Next, Next, Reboot and that’s about it.



                                Boot your new expanded drive, and when happy, delete your old

                                cramped virtual machine.



                                It is that easy and took less than 5 minutes!










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                                  starsrgreen Novice

                                  seems like Vmware server is having issues with screen resolution having trouble to get full screen i installed centos 55 no issues then why only with ubuntu! ?

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                                    fluxbox Novice

                                    Ok so I was proceeding with my experiments. I compared the installation time and startup time of Windows 2008 standard (32bit):


                                    Vbox win2008 install time 31:35

                                    startup time 3:30


                                    Vmware win2008 install time 17:30

                                    startup time 1:01


                                    Both tests run on the exact same hardware, the virtual disks were on the exact same partition (SATA emu in vbox, SCSI emu in vmware, both with dynamic allocation). Also for Vbox I used it's own vdi format.  The latest VirtualBox 3.2.10 and Vmware Server 2.0.2 were used in default installations (no tuning).


                                    I made some additional benchmarks with passmark (attached).

                                    Vbox is a bit disappointing in performance.











                                    Memory Access:







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