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    Script to change VMX BIOS.UUID value?

    DSeaman Hot Shot

      Due to how we upload VM templates to standalone ESXi 4.1 hosts prior to them being joined to vCenter, the UUIDs for the templates come out the same. We use Veeam Backup to restore the templates, so they can be compressed enough to fit on a DVD.


      I'm looking for a short PowerShell script that can set a custom BIOS.UUID value for a named VM on ESXi 4.1. In KB 1002403 VMware has a pearl script that lets you do this, but we are a PowerShell shop and thus would be easier for us to customize in the future. Ideally the script would generate a pseudo-random UUID without user input. For example, set the last six digits to use the current Month, day, and minute (MMDDMM, e.g. 100111).


      vCenter will of course create unique UUIDs for our production VMs, so this is just to manage the initial templates we upload to standalone servers at the "factory".