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    ESX Server with a controlling VM, as a replacement for workstation

    UlyssesOfEpirus Hot Shot

      Considering switching to ESX Server to increase the memory available to my internet-facing VM's.  But, I have been advised ESX needs a second pc to control it.  So it is no good as a replacement for workstation or even player.


      Why can't a VM with host-only networking be used as the controlling computer in ESX, playing the role of the external controlling computer? 


      If it is declared with a raw disk it can even have full access to the host disk. You can then install vmware workstation in the VM just to edit .vmx files through the gui, generate new .vmdk's, or copy-paste entire VM's.


      And when you need more memory, you suspend this controlling VM and almost all memory is available to internet-facing VM's.


      Why not?