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    Creating new alarms in VSphere

    peter79 Enthusiast



      I need some help.  I'm currently running vCenter Server 4.1.0 (build 258902) and I'm trying to create a few new alarms.  I know how to create new difinitions but I'm running into difficulty creating a few specific alarms.  It could be that what I'm trying to do is not possible.  Any advice would be great.


      I'm trying to create alarms for disk latency on the VM level and the datastore level.  I know how to create an alarm for disk latency at the VM level but not sure if I can configure disk latency alarms on the actual datastores.  Secondly I have 2 different types of datastores and each one type would have different alarm triggers.  I would need to configure alarms to reflect this. 


      Again I realise that what I'm asking may not be possible.