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    VMWare Player - Full Screen Resolution

    sjunejo Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      I am using VMWare Player to run my Ubuntu VM on Windows 7. But the problem is that I cna only see small screen of my Ubuntu. How can I make it big or full scree. When I am clicking the full screen button on VMWare Player it only expands the VMware Player console not my Ubuntu windows its still the same.


      Last night I was trying to install something on it I can't even see the Buttons of the installer completely....


      Your help will be appreciated,







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          SEPport Lurker

          Hello SJunejo,


          I'm having exactly the same problem since I installed VMware Player 3.1.2 yesterday on Windows 7 - 64-bit. In my case the guest OS is Kubuntu 10.4.

          I didn't have this issue with the previous version of VMware player.


          Did you get any feedback from other VMware users, or were you able to solve the problem yourself? If so, please post the solution.


          Kind regards,



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            tjc6 Novice


            I am not sure if this is the same cause, but that happened to me until I logged into the guest operating system and changed the screen resolution. In Ubuntu 10.4  you would go to System > Preferences > Monitors and change the resolution. I would aslo make sure that vmtools is installed on your guest OS. I rememember hearing that it can affect the auto resize if you minimize and maximize the vmplayer window.






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              mdob Lurker

              Changing screen resoltuion manually helped and now whenever I go to full screen or return and change vmware player windows size the resolution changes itself.

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                sjunejo Lurker

                I am out of the office and returning on Wednesday 31st August, 2011. Please direct any queries regarding Connectivity to SOAFramework-TECHNOLOGY@temenos.com.




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