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    VCDB Transaction Log growing at a rediculous rate

    polysulfide Expert


      I'm running vSphere vCenter 4.0 with SQL Express.



      The system was configured with Update Manager and View Composer in the VCDB database.



      Even with statistics turned off, Event and Alarm retention turned off, Update Manager service stopped, and View Composer service stopped, the database is growing at the rate of several hundred MB/min.



      Sometimes it will take a break but it starts back up again after a while.  The database isn't growing just the logs and vCenter crashes.



      I've already purged all rows older than 14 days.



      Any assistance would be appreciated.









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          Great_White_Tec Expert
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          Check the recovery model on the SQL DB. If it is on Bulk-Logged change it to Full. If it is set to full change it to Simple and make sure you are taking full backups daily. You may also want to shrink the DB after the Full Backup and the transaction logs have been truncated.








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