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    Making template from VM and restoring data

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      I got a question about one thing which i have to make sure before i go foward with seting up system. I got VM and it has 2 VirtualDisks: Virtualdisk_1 (20GB) and Virtualdisk_2(400GB). Virtualdisk_1 is for plain, full configured system (/,/boot,/dev,/var,/usr .. etc.) and Virtualdisk_2 is for user data. So i want to make partition /home on Virtualdisk_2. Anyway, i olso planning to copy ready, fully configured VM as my template VM is case i have to setup everything again very quickly. The problem is i dont like to keep 420GB (2 both virtualdisks) as my template. I would like to keep only 20GB template (saving only Virtualdisk_1). Is it possible to recover VM from template if i delete Virtualdisk_2 with /home partition and then somehow create new Virtualdisk_2 and set /home partition there? Or maybe i have to keep all virtualdiskcs files if previously i set /home partition on one of it. If the second option is the only which should i consider, i probably will use virtualdisk_2 as data disk and will use soft link to /home keeped on Virtualdisk_1 but i want to know what option i have.



      Thanks in advance