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    ESXi 4.1.0 portgroup VLAN not ARPing - others are fine

    garf Lurker





      I have seen this on ESX 4.0.0 and ESXi 4.1.0.  On a vanilla host, I create a new portgroup within vSwitch0 and assign it VLAN6, say.



      Now there are two NICs configured with default failover (i.e. no teaming).



      Watching the Cisco 2950 Fa0 ports which are connected, only this new portgroup seems to NOT ARP when VMs are brought up connected to it.



      Investigating further, I created a vswif1 interface in teh same VLAN.  Still no ARP announcement on the switch when enabled.



      Other VLANs/portgroups all work just fine over the same switch port trunk (802.1q).  All VLANs are allowed over the trunk.  Pinging to internal VMs in the VLAN and the vswif1 Kernel mode vmnic works just fine.  Can't get any traffic in VLAN6 off this host!



      Anyone seen anything like this?  It must be something DUMB I'm doing I expect.  I'm Cisco friendly, and no ESX slouch.  If someone can help me find this I will shower with virtual beer.






      Many thanks.