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    Integrated Debugger - Visual Studio 2010 Support

    tomwg123 Novice


      I ran VMWare the other day and it notified me about an update available.  I opened up the release notes and was really hoping Visual Studio 2010 support was added for the integrated debugger.  It's a big bummer that it isn't.



      Are there some big technical challenges with supporting this or something?



      It really causes frustration to be limited to the 2008 version.  I guess I'm lucky I have a copy of VS2008 also, but for new VS users, they may only have 2010.  Then even with both versions installed, the user might need .NET framework 4.0 (VS2010 only) or may just avoid using the VMWare integrated debugger because of the project/solution files being for 2010.



      Please add this in the next release if possible.