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    vCenter 4.1 upgrade questions

    MarkIveli Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      I have a few questions regarding the 4.1 vCenter upgrade that i know someone out there can answer. Our environment is vCentre 4.0 on physical Windows 2003 32bit server and we are hoping the virtualise vCentre 4.1 on Windows 2008 64bit. Databases (VC and VUM) are located on clustered SQL servers.


      1.What is the impact of using a new server name and IP address to migrate VC4.1 to? Based on this article and the comment below, VMware recommend using the same name and IP.


      Update the configuration files if you a re changing the IP address or the host name information of your vCenter Server. You must change the configuration files manually.

      Note: VMware recommends keeping IP address and host name information the same to make migration easier.


      2. Do i use the DataMigration to get the current vCentre configuration, ie, Resource Pools, reservations, limits, dvSwitch, blah blah, onto the new server? If not, then this smells alot like a migration than an upgrade.....


      Ideally i would like to keep the physical server close by as a rollback option if need be.


      Anyone got any thoughts on this?



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          >Databases (VC and VUM) are located on clustered SQL servers.


          So, not really a problem.


          1) Make DB backup

          2) Stop vCenter services, set them to "Manual startup"

          3) Backup SSL keys

          4) Remove vCenter server from domain

          5) Shut down vCenter server

          7) Make Windows 64bit clean installation on new server, use same IP and name as for old vCenter server

          8) Restore SSL keys from backup

          9) Make 2 ODBC connections, 64bit for vCenter and 32bit for VUM

          10) Install vCenter, point to existing database


          You will have old vCenter as a rollback, but you have to restore old vCenter DB from backup first.


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            MarkIveli Enthusiast



            Our last upgrade of vCenter to 4.0 U1 didn't go well and management remembered this when i raised the upgrade to 4.1. I just need to have my plan verified and some of the confusing point clarified, which i think you have done Anton, so thanks.


            No need to use the DataMigration tool as we have the remote database, backup your SSL certs and use the same server name/IP on the new server.


            Fingers crossed.