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    Hot-cloning database server

    cebomholt Enthusiast


      I've dug up a few old threads and have some thoughts, but wanted to get some fresh perspectives as well. I know this really should be avoided when possible, but have people had any luck with hot-cloning an oracle server and then just restoring good backups of the database to the target VM? Obviously the database comes over corrupted, but what about the services and am I missing anything else?



      The process basically looks like:



      Hot clone (leave source online, target with NIC disconnected)> upload database backup to target VM > attempt to attach > assume if it attaches, there's a reasonable chance of success > take application offline > take differential of database > shutdown source > restore differential of database > plug in NIC of target VM> bring app online



      I've had decent luck trying this with SQL, but don't really have experience trying this with oracle. Any thoughts are appreciated-