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    /etc/passwd gone

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      We have made changes to our passwd and sudoers files because of organizational changes.  So one of our admins had the job of copying the old one and adding the new one.  But, on 3 hosts, he did mv instead of cp when trying to rename the old passwd.  So now there is no passwd file, and no one can log in.


      The good news is, these three 2.5 hosts each only have one VM on them - we are migrating off.  And 2 of the 3 hosts are still connected to VC, so we may be okay anyway.  But the third one is disconnected and of course I can't add it back now.


      Is this just a simple matter of doing the same thing you would do if you needed to reset the root password (boot to single user mode etc.) or is there more to it?  Or are we just out of luck?  In that case I think we can still recover by just shutting down that one VM and creating a new one on another host with the same disk files.

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          There is no other way than reseting the root passowrd ..with the same method method followed for Linux passwd recovery.Since you are in the process of migrating its better you shut down the VM and move it to the other hosts and follow the steps for upgrading VM hardware,Vmware tools and then Power ON.



          Once the VM is back in to action  you can try out reseting the passwd for the ESX



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            Is there a file /etc/passwd-pr/etc/password.OLD on diskl. If so you maybe able to rename it back to /etc/passwd once you can login as root again.





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