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    How to configure vCenter Alarms ("Cannot connect to storage" and "Cluster high availability error")

    Kiil Novice



      there at two alarms that don't have preset values to trigger.  In that matter I wonder how to use/configure this to get some sensible messages.  If someone could point to some documentation or help understanding this I would be happy


      1. "Cannot connect to storage"

      In this actual enviroment, this alarm is disabled by default (?).  Anyway, I wonder how to configure the trigger on this one.  There are three triggers:


      a. Lost storage connectivity | Unset | Advanced...

      b. Lost Storage Path Redundancy | Unset | Advanced...

      c. Degraded Storage Path Redundancy | Unset | Advanced...


      The status field have four settings: Unset, Normal, Warning, Alarm.  What does these values represent ?


      In the Conditions field it's an Advanced settings dialog box - how to use this ? What to put in the "Value" field when adding an advanced alarm setting ? Are there any preset definitions on this ?


      2. Cluster high availability error"

      This alarm is eneable by default, and like above, I need to know how to configure it.


      a. HA host isolated | Unset | Advanced...

      b. All HA hosts isolated | Unset | Advanced...

      c. HA host failed | Unset | Advanced...


      Does someone have some knowledge about this ?