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    VM Player and upgrading hardware versions

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      Wanting to see if anyone can help with a dilema. I am looking for how to upgrade the hardware version of a virtual machine after upgrading the version of player that is being used. I know that in Workstation you can select under VM on the menu bas "Upgrade or Change version" so far I ahven't been able to find that function within player. Is this something that has not been brought over to the Player side of the desktop solution? Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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          I haven't been able to find that function within player

          There is actually no function in VMware Player to do that.

          If needed, install the 60 day trial of VMware Workstation.


          from http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1003746

          Any VMware product in the chart above, with the exception of VMware Player, is able to upgrade the version of a virtual machine's hardware to the highest version that it supports



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            It may be as simple as manually editing the .VMX file for the virtual machine. 


            • Power off the VM, do not just suspend it.

            • Navigate to the folder containing the VM

            • Make a copy of the existing .VMX file, it will be the one where the icon has just the three blue squares of the VMware logo.

              • If possible, make a copy of the entire VM... just in case.

            • Open Notepad and then drag the original VMX into Notepad's window.

            • Change config.version to "8"

            • Change virtualHW.version to "7"

            • Save the file, then double-click on the .VMX to open it.

            • If a WIndows VM then you should get prompted about changed hardware

            • Install the newer VMware tools to get newer drivers, etc.


            Let us know how it works.  What OS is the VM?



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              CarlosER Lurker

              It works for me. Player 3.

              Host system: linux. Guests: Windows & Linux.