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    Install and configure Oracle 10g with "share mode" on VMWare server

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      I have a question and look forward to the support, everyone's responses in the forum

      For many reasons it is you have to configure oracle 10g on VMWare server software - 2K3 server operating system, but the installation process create the DB errors I have just stopped in 2% (this is the first time I spent VMWare server, before you spend just for the client station VMW)


      Do it yourself would be the answer to everyone is to  install and configure Oracle 10g mode share mode on virtual machine using vmware server can not restrict what? as errors, or other problems occur.

      If you would like to be able to link documents on the installation mode mode share of the oracle version 10g on VMWare

      Sincere thanks to read your questions and look forward to responses

      Best regard!