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    ad host to dswitch after joining vcenter

    RobMokkink Expert


      I am busy with my postinstall script for esx4i. 



      I use the function add-dvswhost from lucd.info



      After i add the esxi host to vcenter i want it to join  the dswitch, but for some reason i get the following error when i just added the server to vcenter:





      Get-View : Cannot bind parameter 'Id'. Cannot convert the
      ectReference" value of type "VimApi_41.ManagedObjectReference" to type

      If i execute the function again, when the server is in vcenter i don't get an error.One thing i did notice is that when i add the esxi host to vcenter is that when the HA agents get installed it does a network refresh.

      Who has the solution for me?