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    Let me introduce myself...

    zirnhelt Novice

      I am the relatively new kid on the block, having joined VMware in April.  I am a Knowledge Architect, which means I work on our knowledge-capturing and -sharing systems and processes, ensuring they support our mission and goals.


      So although I'm new to this team, I have some related background - I came over after 13 years at EMC where I was also working with their knowledgebase systems, with the last four years running the Support Forums.


      I am passionate about the power of the collective mind, and recognize that the communities nurtured here can be a critical component of our own knowledge practices.  The experts no longer exclusively reside within VMware's walls, and 'our' content is no longer exclusively (if it ever was) hosted on our systems. In Knowledge Practices we have evolved from content creators into content curators.


      I hope this space becomes one active with likewise-minded folks, sharing ideas and feedback about our own published content.