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    ovaisyousaf Lurker


      I am trying to play Ubuntu 9.04 using VMware player but i am facing the following message  ?:| :



      "Your processor does not support PAE, which is required by VMware Player.  Cannot continue."



      How can i get rid of this problem? Can anybody help?






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          cabralta Novice

          I just joined, so excuse the delay but it seems like you are using 3.0+ which has a PAE requirement for your processor:




          Best bet, may be to see if you can find an older copy of VMWare player or try a different machine with a compatible processor.

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            Nwconfig Novice

            In computing, Physical Address Extension (PAE) is a feature to allow x86 processors to access a physical address space (including random access memory and memory mapped devices) larger than 4 gigabytes.


            First implemented in the Intel Pentium Pro in 1995


            Sorry but if you have a processor that does not support PAE you should probably toss it and get something made this century.

            If the error is actually correct.




            I have used a /PAE switch in windows boot configuration. Don't know anything about Ubuntu.