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    Solaris 10 under vsphere 4.0/4.1 unusable

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      we want to migrate some Solaris10 (5/09) machines into Vmware but we get a unusable machine. CPU etc is O.K, but the disk I/O is very bad. I tested esx 4.0 and 4.1, without any changes. We noticed, if anybody copy or moving big files on the local disk, or from the network, everything is slow.



      Just a fast test: if you create a 1GB file with dd, is takes round about 20 seconds, for a normal system, but under Solaris10 in Vmware, it takes up to 1:50 or 2:10 Min. Also installing the Vmware tools doesn't help. So, is here anybody who has Solaris10 64Bit running with good I/O performance? What for Solaris patches (x86) I need? Which driver I should use (LSI logic parallel/LSI SAS ...) etc.



      cu denny