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    SSD drives cause system hang?

    mogmios Novice


      We have a couple ESXi 4 systems that have been running on standard internal SATA drives. Recently we switched to iSCSI without problem. One of our virtual machines needs to do certain disk operations that are faster so we put in a couple Consair Nova 64GB SSD drives. Every time the system starts accessing these the VM using them dies and soon the entire ESXi host starts having issues and then hangs. Sometimes I can get into the unsupported console to manually power off the VM using the drives and get things to come back up but sometimes I have to hard reboot the server. Problem happens regardless to if we use both SSD drives or either one individually.



      Have put the SSD drives in another computer, stress tested them, checked for errors of various kinds, etc and they come out clean and have no problems.



      We're using Supermicro X7DW3 mobos with the matching cases, dual quad-core Xeon CPUs, and 32GB RAM per system. Any idea why the SSD drives won't work and if there is a way to make them work?