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    Ex-VMware Support Employee wants to refresh / update VCP certiification from 2.0 VCP to 4.0 VCP.

    Bobbi Perrin Lurker

      Hello -


      I worked for almost four years as a VMware Support Engineer and am 2.5 VCP certifiied.  I want to become a VCP 4.0 but cannot find how to do this on the VMware Education Training website.  I find the 3.0 - 4.0 VCP refresh but noting for the 2.0 VCP


      I have continued to work with ESX 3.5 and 4.0.x on a daily basis for the last 2+ years, through my job at a company that is a VMware TAP Partner.  I also want to find out about any Partner Training discounts that VMware may have to offer to my colleagues.


      Please contact me via the information listed below and / or have an Education Training Sales person contact me directly.


      Thank You and Best Regards,

      Bobbi Perrin


      Sr. Technical Support :: Systems Engineer

      Xsigo Systems, Inc.