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    Fresh Install ESX 2.5.3 to Vsphere 4

    brian_plank Novice


      Hello guys,



      I have a scenario where there are 2 ESX's 2.5.3 using external storage and I have to update them to  Vsphere 4. There's no VirtualCenter.



      As you know there' s no support for the direct upgrade, so I am considering to make a fresh install.



      My doubt is how do I do that. The Vspehre 4 will power on VM's created in ESX 2.5.3? Converter can be used? What about the VMFS volumes that these hosts has access? It will be upgradedas well?



      Thanks in advance for any help



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          RParker Guru

          I would recommend vConverter for this.  Migrate ALL the VM's someplace, install ESX, do the patches on that server, then convert them back.


          You can probably upgrade the server just fine, but the VMFS (EXT2 vs EXT3) cannot be upgraded, and it will be read only, and it will be a mess trying to do this, so vConverter is the best idea.

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            brian_plank Novice


            Ok, but by saying that the VMFS will be read only you mean that after the upgrade i will not be able to create new VM's? If so, i would not be able to convert them using Converter too.



            Or I would have to create new VMFS volumes and give the server access to them when upgrading the server so they can read from the old volumes and write to the new ones?