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    VM with a 900GB snapshot!

    Ross Walter Novice

      greetings everyone!


      Some background:


      1)     We are using ESX 3.5 Update 4 with vCenter 4 Update 1, on Netapp storage connected via NFS to the ESX servers.

      2)     I have a Win2K3 VM which had a D: disk which was a 900+Gb .vmdk disk which I migrated all files to an iSCSI connected volume.

      3)     Before I migrated the data, I took a VM snapshot, added the iSCSI enhanced vNIC, and configured this in the OS. And another snapshot was taken just in case.

      4)     900+Gb data was copied to the iSCSI volume.

      5)     VM was powered off to remove the 900+Gb D: disk.

      6)     VM powered on and using the iSCSI disk ok.


      Unfortunately I forgot about committing the 2 snapshots… and a month later I noticed that the VM is being shown in vCenter as having a 923Gb snapshot!


      The Storage View tab for the cluster shows the size of the snapshot!



      Looking in the VM folder, the delta files are not nearly this big:




      Looking at the volume via the console, the files are not showing a 900Gb snap:




      So is vCenter thinking that the VM has a 900Gb snapshot because I removed the 900Gb D: disk .vmdk file from the VM properties?


      I really don’t want to wait around for 3 years to commit this snapshot!


      So theoretically this VM only really has 2x 3Gb snaps, correct?! And shouldn’t take very long to commit, should it?!


      Any thoughts please as to why VCenter thinks this VM has such a large snapshot?