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    "VCP Brown Bag - Jon Hall edition" tomorrow (25-May)

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      Hi all!






      I believe this is my First Post in the VMware Communities, so Hello everyone!  http://communities.vmware.com/images/emoticons/grin.gif



      I attended the "VMware vSphere: Fast Track V4" course about a month ago, here in Portugal, and I'm considering trying to achieve the VCP certification, by sitting the VCP exam (VCP-410)



      Naturally, I became attentive to everything related to the VCP certification and so I noticed that the "Professional VMware" website will have a webinar tomorrow (25th May), that will be presented by *[Jon

      Hall|~jonhall]* (that, as many of you probably know, is the Technical

      Certification Developer of VMware).



      I believe this Webinar will mention (or even focus on?) the new VMware certifications: VMware Certified Advanced Professional - VCAP - namely VCAP4-DCA ("VCAP4 - Datacenter Administration") and VCAP4-DCD ("VCAP4 - Datacenter Design").



      Because I think this information is interesting to other users of this "VCP: VMware Certified Professional" VMware community, I'm "announcing" / reminding others about this online event, here in this forum.



      The information and free registration link to this Webinar event is available at:



      VCP/VCDX Brown Bag Scheduling Changes




      (BTW: I'm NOT related to the "Professional VMware" web site, other than thinking that it's a good site about VMware).



      Like I said, I'm posting this info, in the hope that it is also interesting / helpful to others. If this kind of "announcement" is not welcome in this Community, please feel free to tell me.






      Ricardo Dias Marques






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          Welcome to the forum,


          I'm sure you found it exciting to surf and help others in the forums and will be addicted soon.  Anyways, thanks for the post as you've said it may be helpful to others who have not see or read the contents, assuming not everyone knows everything.  I think its great for you to post and share.  Keep it up chief and are you looking to your VCP 4 now?  Good luck.


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