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    "Services in a Cloud" per VMware Automation with Mightycare vCO PlugIN for vCenter

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      Hi VMware Community,


      "Services in a Cloud" per VMware Automation with Mightycare vCOPlugIN for vCenter


      I will here disscus a Vision from us....


      Our Goal for the next Time is... To bring "Services in a privat Cloud"

      But what means it...?


      We defined a Service as a IT-Process that we will bring into the virtual Infrastructure.

      A Service can be:


      • Order virtual Machines (virtual Server, virtual desktops, Developer PC, ...)

      • Deployment of Maschines (Over Cloning or PXE Installation,....)

      • Deployment of Applications (Serverapplication, Desktopapllication,...)

      • Backup of virtual Maschines (Normal Backup, Snapshotbackup,....)

      • Archiving of virtual Maschines (to Disk, to Tape,...)

      • .... and many more


      And all this Services will be automaticlly running... Triggert over the VI-Client...


      Sounds like a Dream...or sound like our Vision.

      And this Vision can be true.


      We have develop a native vCO (VMware Orchestrator) PlugIN for the vCenter VI-Client.

      "The Mightycare vCO PlugIN for vCenter"

      So it is possible to defined all our needed Services with Workflows, Actions, ... and so on in the VMware Orchestrator. Ones you have design your Workflows you can integrate this Workflows into the our vCenter Plugin and start this Workflows from the VI-Client.

      So you can bring all your Administration Tasks or "Services in your Cloud"


      • One Managementconsole for all our virtual Infrastructure Envirement -


      Our Question is:

      • What do you think about this?

      • Does anyone else interested in this approach?

      • Does anyone want to try our DEMO VCO plugin and give us feedback?


      What do you see in the Screenshot:

      The First Screen you see the Configuration to the vCO Server. And you see three example Task we defined in the VMware Orchestrator (Its limited in that Demo).


      • Set the RAM of the Virtual Machine with 256 MB

      • Increase the RAM from the Virtual Machine with 256 MB

      • Long Dummy is a Workflows that runs 3 Minutes and die

      The Name of the Workflows are free to Change. YOu also see that you can connect from ths point to the vCO. He reads all Workflows and can Display a predefined Subset of the Workflows.

      You see also that three Task are running.


      In the next Screenshot you the the Inventory from the vCenter. Right mouseclick on the virtual Machines your see YOUR Workflows and you can Start this Workflows from the this point.

      Remember, Workflows can be a complex Service that you bring into your cloud.


      We hope, with this kind of Product we can help you to increase your Service...




      Peter Rudolf

      Mightycare Solutions


      vExpert 2009